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New Version of Simple Ace Application

We are pleased to announce that a new version of the Simple Ace application is now available. This version will become as of January our official version. The old version will be withdrawn and will no longer be accessible. The application still offers the same features with the same high-quality standards to help you produce your electronic manifests quickly and efficiently. We have completely redesigned the application to meet the new requirements of the Web and using new technologies.

Adaptive interface

The Simple Ace application adapts easily to all screen formats. From your desktop to your smartphone, laptop and tablet, you can use Simple Ace without problems. The application and its features are equally powerful and accessible from one device to another. In addition, the new version of Simple Ace is compatible with the different browsers available. Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, you use the browser you like!

New version Simple Ace

Accessible from everywhere

You are attending a hockey game and you need to edit an eManifest. No problem! With your phone in hand, you will be able to log in and make the required changes in a very short time. All you need is a quality internet connection.


What has changed?

At first glance, you will notice that the design of the application and the various interfaces are no longer the same. The ergonomics and appearance of the application are indeed the biggest changes made. The features themselves have not been modified, they are only accessible differently. Here, quickly, how to find them.

Where to create a new ACE or ACI manifest?

The “Creation” menu allows you to create a new ACE or ACI trip and a new ACE or ACI expedition.

You can create your new trips or new shipments from the main interface directly in the “Creation” box (1) or at any time by clicking ACE or ACI in the sidebar on the left of the screen (2).

New version - Creation Menu

On your smartphone, the menu bar is accessible by clicking on the “hamburger” menu icon.

Where can I follow my electronic manifests?

You can track and control all your electronic manifests in the “Manifest Control” menu. This menu includes, among others, the following features:

  • ACE Manifest Control: Tracking the status of your ACE.
  • ACI Manifest Control: Tracking the status of your ACI.
  • Shipments: manifests completed and not forwarded to customs that you can edit.
  • Empty cargos: empty trips completed and not sent to customs that you can edit.

New version - Manifests Control Menu

Where to manage drivers, units and others?

The management of drivers, passengers, units, places, customs brokers and merchandise are done in the “Management” menu. In this menu you can create and manage all this data.

New version - Management Menu

Where can I set up my business numbers?

The “Configuration” menu allows you to set up your business numbers such as your shipping numbers and your messaging system.

New version - Configuration Menu

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