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eManifest - FAQ

Answers to your questions

What is the ACI (CBSA) program?

The Advance Commercial Information (ACI) program, mandated by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), introduces more effective risk management processes and tools to identify threats, safety and security prior to the arrival of cargo and conveyance in Canada.

What is e-manifest?

When fully implemented, e-manifest will require carriers, freight forwarders and importers in all modes of transportation (air, marine, highway and rail) to electronically transmit advance commercial information to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) within prescribed mode-specific time frames.

What options are available for sending advance data electronically to the CBSA?

Clients can transmit the required electronic data using:

  • Simple Ace as a service provider
  • EDI Electronic data interchange solution with CBSA
  • CBSA portal

Do I need an electronic manifest if I am crossing the Canadian or US border with an empty trailer?

According to the law currently in force, you have to submit an electronic manifest to cross the border both southbound into the US and northbound into Canada when you are empty. For additional information, visit and

What is the minimal timeframe to submit a US-ACE e-manifest request before my driver arrives at the border?

The e-manifest must be submitted one hour prior to the arrival of your driver at the port of entry.

What will be the penalties for non-compliance?

Clients deemed to be non-compliant may be issued monetary penalties under the AMPS (Administrative Monetary Penalty System).

Penalties may be issued for the following when applicable:

  • Providing incomplete, inaccurate of false information.
  • Failure to transmit the required information within the designated timeframes to CBSA.
  • Failing to notify CBSA of changes in e-manifest data.

Does e-manifest ACI apply to all highway carriers?

ACI e-Manifest applies to most highway carriers who transport commercial goods into Canada.

In certain cases, highway carriers may be exempt from the requirement to transmit pre-arrival cargo and conveyance data. Refer to the e-Manifest Requirements for Commercial Clients page of the CBSA Web site.

Do I need a Canadian Carrier Code if I only cross the Canada/US border once or twice a year?

Yes. The carrier code is a unique identifier issued to the trucking company. In the past, a generic number was used for northbound travel, however with the new ACI coming into effect in 2011, trucking companies            must have their own individual carrier code.

How will I obtain my ACI manifest if my driver is in the United States?

The ACI e-manifest will be sent to the driver either via facsimile or via email. For customers that use our text messaging service, the pertinent e-manifest information will be automatically sent to the driver's cellular phone, BlackBerry, or to any other onboard satellite device.

If I have submitted an US-ACE e-manifest request, when can I cross the border?

When you submit an e-manifest request, the CBP will send a confirmation that the manifest is accepted or rejected. If you receive a rejected message, you must correct the problem and resubmit the request. Your driver may cross the border once all entry numbers have been assigned to individual shipments, and when the status of the manifest is accepted.

Do I need to submit a separate manifest request if I use multiple custom  brokers?

No, only one manifest request is required. The manifest contains multiple shipment records, each identified with a unique shipment control number (PAPS or PARS). The customs broker will reference each individual shipment when filing the entry.

Will ACI e-manifest be enforceable at all CBSA border crossings?

Yes ACI e-manifest will be implemented nationally and enforced at all commercial CBSA ports across Canada.

What support is available for Simple Ace customers?

Continued support via telephone is available at
7 /24 ( 365 days per year)
No voice mail, qualified person answers and can immediately assist youwith your concern or problem.

What are the fees involved with using Simple Ace ?

Simple Ace fees structure is available on demand
Charge by e-manifest not shipments (combing both ACI & ACE)

How does an e-manifest work?

As a truck approaches the primary booth, ACE is used to retrieve e-manifest details for the CBP Officer to review. If the truck is equipped with a CBP-approved electronic transponder, ACE will automatically retrieve e-manifest details along with matching pre-filed entries or in-bond requests.

When must an e-manifest be received by CBP?

Generally, an e-manifest must be received at least one hour prior to the carrier reaching the first port of arrival in the United States.

What is an e-manifest?

An e-Manifest is the submission of trip, conveyance, equipment, crew, passenger, and shipment details electronically. Filing manifests electronically can be accomplished either by using Simple Ace.

Does a carrier need to have a transponder to participate in ACE e-Manifest?

No, transponder technology is not required for participation in ACE. If a truck does not have a transponder, the CBP Officer uses the data on the cover sheet that the driver provides such as, the vehicle license plate, or trip number, to retrieve the e-manifest.

What is a “Section 321” type shipment?

The Section 321 shipment is used for a shipment entering the US with a merchandise value between $1 and $800. In this case no customs clearance required for this merchandise.

Producing an ACE manifest with multiple Section 321 shipments (1–25000).

Simple Ace allows you to easily import all required information in one step, to easily produce your ACE manifest, with multiple Section 321.
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